How To Start A Great Real Estate

The business of real estate is all about interacting with people and getting them to trust your knowledge about the local realty sector. In the present world, blogging is perhaps one of the best ways to reach out to maximum number of potential customers. However, in order to get maximum results, you need to follow a well-planned blogging strategy.

Research and review

Nothing is more educational or informative than market research. Check out various other real estate blogs and analyse the good points in them. Read comments from readers and identify features that receive a positive feedback. An in-depth research into some of the top blogs should give you enough information to start with.



Find a nice relevant name for your real estate blog. This might be slightly tough because there are millions of real estate blogs and most of the names are probably taken, terms like we buy houses is extremely competitive. If possible, ensure that the name of your blog is similar to the name of your website so that your target audience can relate them.

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The name you select needs to satisfy five major criteria. First, it has to be unique. Second, it should tell the readers that the blog is about real estate. Third, the name should be catchy and interesting. Fourth, readers should be able to recall it whenever they need information on real estate. Fifth, the name should be easy to spell because ultimately, readers type the name into their browser to gain access to it.


Decide the objectives of your blog so that you can choose subjects you want to talk about. Although your ultimate aim is to engage and convert prospective customers, you also need to form certain short-term goals aimed at achieving the main objective.For example, publish a set of blogs that inform prospective customers about the real estate scenario in Canada. Talk about the renting vs. purchase pros and cons. Discuss the latest construction trends.When you publish a set of such informative articles, you get two benefits. First, readers are thoroughly engaged. Second, they are convinced about your expertise in the field. Both these benefits help you nail the ultimate goal of blogging.


Plan the content beforehand so that you can bring a flow to the blog posts you write. Also think of different subjects related to real estate that you can write about. Planning helps because it saves you a lot of time. Second, you get a direction to write. You can plan to tackle elaborate topics in two or three posts and ensure continuity. A well-planned blog establishes your organisational abilities and paints a positive picture about you.

Principles and rules


Set basic blogging rules and stick them. Formulate your list of do’s and dont’s. For instance, you should never criticise other real estate agencies in any of your blogs. Second, blogging is great, bragging is suicidal. Third, be regular. Publish at least a couple of posts per week. Fourth, your readers trust you. So, check and recheck every fact before including them in the article. Fifth, never steal content. Cast around for ideas, but never copy.

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Identify famous real estate agents and request them for a guest post. Make it a point to spend some time replying to comments.Your real estate blog can improve your business. Just make sure that you do it right.